Friday, May 25, 2018

How To Reprint W-2 Forms For A Specific Reporting State

Problem: After printing W-2 forms across multiple reporting states you realized that a specific state's identification number (State ID) was incorrect.
How To: Correct the State ID and reprint only that state's W-2 forms.
Strategy: Correct the State ID; Mark the entire file of W-2 forms as already printed; Mark all W-2 forms for the reporting state to be reprinted as not printed; Print all W-2s as usual.  
Solution: Moderate

Step-By-Step Solution:

For illustrative purposes only, the state of Iowa will be used in the solution that follows.

Step 1: Correct Iowa's State ID
  • Open the client's W-2 forms as usual.
  • From the File menu, select Edit filer.
  • Click on the State ID tab.
  • Make the change to Iowa's State ID.
  • Close the Edit Filer window.
Step 2: Mark the entire file of W-2s as already printed
  • From the W-2 Tools menu, select Set Print Indicators.
  • Click Begin.
  • Click Yes to proceed. 
  • When done, the Printed indicator at the top of each W-2 form will be checked.
Step 3: Mark all W-2s with a reporting state of Iowa as not printed
  • From the W-2 Tools menu, select Clear Print Indicators.
  • Click Select Filter.
  • Select Reporting State #1 from the list of available filters.
  • Click Retrieve to populate the list with available reporting states. 
  • Click IA.
  • Click From to define the start of the range.
  • Click To to define the end of the range.
  • Click Begin to verify the range and proceed.

Creating a Filtered Range

When done, the Printed indicator will be unchecked on each W-2 form having a Reporting State #1 of IA. Since W-2 forms allow for the possibility of two reporting states, you should repeat Step 3 for Reporting State #2 filter as well.

Step 4: Print all W-2s as usual
  • Only those W-2 forms with a Report State of Iowa will be printed.

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